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“Sensitive, intelligent and incredibly professional. A deeply humane approach to the work. He and Theater Wit are the very real thing.”

— Will Eno




July 2022

I join Lorena Diaz, Charles Newell, Lanise Antoine Shelley and Wendy Mateo in discussing the current state of Chicago Theatre in New City.

September 2021

Mr. Burns remount gets national attention for its reconception in a post-pandemic reality in The New York Times.

March 2020

My thoughts on the challenges of streaming featured in American Theater Magazine.

March 2020

Theater Wit becomes the first theater to stream a performance under lockdown.My proposed model for streaming becomes the standard for the country during COVID.


September 2019

My production processes and contributions to Completeness featured in American Theatre Magazine

Jun 2019

Admissions and I are featured in the New York Times

Apr 2019

Regional Premiere of Admissions opens at Theater Wit

Jan 2019

Chicago premiere of The Realistic Joneses opens at Theater Wit 


Jan 2018

World premiere of The Antelope Party opens at Theater Wit

Nov 2017

World premiere of This Way Outta Santaland (and other xmas miracles) opens at Theater Wit

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